Importers Exporter Directory and Import Export Data.

Importers Exporter Directory and Import Export Data.

Import and export data, directories, market research, statistics are created from actual shipment data filed from Bills of lading, Shipping Bills, Invoices filed with Customs. Data can be prepared for any export import product with authentic information like Name and address of Exporter and Importers, Prices, quantity, product descriptions, model nos, date of shipment, Bill of Lading nos, container Nos and many other useful information.

Order a report for your products now to instantly identify Importers, Buyers, Exporters, Manufactures, wholesale Suppliers or Vendors of your products. Countries covered are India, USA, Middle East, Europe, UK, China, France, Spain, Latin America more then 100 countries all over the world.

 Genuine and active exporters importers database from India export data, India import data, US Import data and UK import data.

Aluminium Mould, Aluminium Seal, Auto Mould, Alloy Scrap, Antioxidant, Ammunition, Ac Motor, Arm Shaft, Aromatic Oil, Aluminum Scrap, Acrylic Vinyl, Asbestos Brake Lining, Air Filter, Air Sensor, Arms Ammunition, Artificial Flowers, Amber Glass, Angle Grinder, Aircraft Seat, Ammonium Chloride, Ambroxol, Ampicillin, Auto Gauge, Audio Amplifier, Amoxycillin Capsule

Bone Handicrafts, Baby Skirt, Ball Rod, Bauxite, Bleach Pulp, Bitumen, Bearing Housing, Brass Rack, Beaded Belt, Bell, Brass Ring, Bath Rugs, Boat Fender, Brass Candle Holder, Brass Stone, Broken Rice, Brass Pipe, Brass Anchor, Bindi, Boy Suit, Boiler, Blazer, Brass Bolt, Brass Bracket, Brass Photo Frame

Combine, Calcium Chloride, Cypermethrin Tech, Car Spare Parts, Cushion Mat, Corn, Candle Holder, Cotton Track Suit, Copper Wound, Chestnut, Capsicum Oleoresin, Color Paper, Cotton Voil, Cotton Tablecloth, Chess Board, Cotton Denim, Comb, Caffeine, Cam Follower, Capsicum Pepper, Colour Tv, Cod Oil, Chair Cushion, Cam Lock, Caliper

Dyed Cotton, Decorative Article, Dryer, Denim Fabric, Dimethoxy Dibenzanthrone, Digital Video Disc, Dried Banana, Drill Grinder, Dial Gauge, Diesel Engine Oil, Dc Power Supply, Dyeing, Disc Belt, Detectors, Dimethyl Butyric Acid, Dish Cloth, Deep Groove Ball Bearing, Diesel Filter, Dextrose, Diaphragm Valve, Domestic Sewing Machine, Dc Fan, Dry Syrup, Drive Gear, Dc Motor

Electric Plug, Electro Scale, Erythrosine, Embroidery Machine Parts, Electronic Capacitors, Electrical Cable, Endless Belt, Electric Fan, Electro Brake, Engine Fuel, Engine Car, Enrofloxacin, Electronic Ballast Electronic, Embroidery Silk, Ed Hard, Emulsifier, Epoxy Coating, Embossing Machine, Electronic Jacquard, Electric Power, Eraser, Extra Olive, Engine Spare, Ethylene Propylene Rubber, Epichlorohydrin

Fruit Sugar, Formamide, Fresh Cauliflower, Fruit, Fruit Container, Flocking, Furniture Hardware, Flour Wheat, Flag, Fuel Tank, Forging Machine, Fibre Material, Fiber Optical Cable, Flange Plate, Fiber Cap, Flange Bolt, Foil Stamp, Fashion Jacket, Flexible Tubing, Frozen Prawns, Fan, Fabric Bed, Feldspar, Fruit Oils, Flower Container

Glass Jar, Girl Glove, Gear Part, Green Marble, Granite Block, Glass Wax, Globe, Gents Trouser, Green Coffee, Grinding Wheel, Glycol, Glass Fuse, Glass Holder, Gear Reducer, Garam Masala, Gate Latch, Glass Photo, Gents Trousers, Guar Gum, Generator Set, Granite Slabs, Glass Rod, Gasket Rubber Seal, Gasket Cylinder, Glass Napkin Ring

Handle Lock, Hair Pin, Hessian Bags, Honey, Hawai Chappal, Hand Paper, Hydrocarbon Oil, Head Cap, Hooded Jacket, H Connector, Hand Bag, Handicraft Bamboo, Heptahydrate, Hydraulic Fluid, Herbal Cosmetics, Hydrocarbon Resin, Hub Cap, Hose Rubber, Herbal, Hologram, Hulled Sesame Seeds, Hardware Lock, Herbal Supplement, Hand Tissue, Hair Shampoo

Iron Napkin Ring, Iron Scrap, Industrial Chain, Iron Bracket, Iron Votive, Indian White Rice, Infant Jacket, Indian Choli, Industrial Fabric, I V Cannula, Injection Water, Induction Motor, Insulated Wire, Impeller, Injection Fuel Pump, Industrial Vacuum Cleaner, Isophthalic Acid, Ice Mat, Industrial Engine, Iron Steel Scrap, Incense Holder, Iron Rod, Iron Bell, Idly Rice, Injection Moulding Machine

Jigsaw, Jute Soil Saver, Jute Bag, Jumper, Jacket Zipper, Jar Mixer, Jack Wheel, Jewellery Accessories, Jump Rope, Juicer, Jack Fruit, Jute Wall Hanging, Jute Twine, Jute Matting, Joystick, Jasmine, Jacquard Fabric, Jute Bale, Juice Syrup, Jack Plug, Jute Yarn, Jet Ink Printer, Jewellery Necklace, Jute Cloth, Jewelry Bracelet

Ketonic Resin, Kitchen Mat, Key Mobile, Knitting Needle, Kid Shoe, Kitchen Towel, Kitchen Article, Knife, Kraft Paper Sack, Keychain, Ketone, Kidney Bean, Kaftan, Keyboard, Ketoconazole, Kitchen Bowl, Kitchen Steel Sink, Key Case, Knotted Carpet, Kernel Oil, Key Chain, Kurti, Knitting Machine, Kitchen Strainer, Knitting Yarn

Light Table, Light Torch, Lcd Color Monitor, Light Tower, Led Lamp, Latex, Leaf Tea, Leather Beads, Locking Ring, Leather Ladies Shoe, Leather Sofa, Licorice, Leather Rug, Lock Cap, Leather Foot, Lighter, Ladies Shirt, Ladies Footwear, Liquid Soap, Lemon Oil, Laser Scanner, Led Diode, Ladies Belt, Lint, Linen Cushion

Marine Equipment, Motor Bicycle, Men Glove, Mold Injection, Metal Ornament, Map, Mobile Charger, Multimedia Projector, M S Scrap, Metal Frame, Magnetic Ball, Motor Torque, Motor Vehicle Seat, Michelin, Metal Lock, Metal Leaf, Melon, Molecular Sieve, Magnet Base, Motor Muffler, Micro Crystalline Cellulose, Mens Trouser, Medicine, Methyl Chloride, Mechanical Pump

Neoprene Rubber, Nutmeg Oil, Nail Cutter, Nylon Sheets, Nipple, Nylon Lining, Needle Pin, Nylon Polyamide, Nylon Bag, Nitro Benzene, Nasal Spray, Nitromethane, Net Fabric, Needle Valve, Nut Kernel, Netting, Neem Oil, Network Cable, Nets, Network Switch, Niacinamide, Nickel Brass, Nylon, Nightgown, Nut Plug

Oil Pump, Office Equipment, Oxide, Omeprazol, Optical Mouse, Oxygen Analyser, Oysters, Oil Hose, Oxalic Acid, O Ring Seal, Onion Bags, Olive Oil, Oil Furnace, Oscilloscope, Oil Leather, Optical Lenses, Operating Table, Ore Iron, Outdoor Light, Optical Glass, Orange Juice, Oil Fish, Optical Lens, Offset Printing Ink, Octoic Acid

Polyethylene Film, Petro Resin, Printer Card, Plotter, Polyester Button, Paint Brush, Plastic Bag, Powder Masala, Plastic Pallets, Polyester Zipper, Plastic Machinery, Plastic Pen, Paper Bag, Pattern Maker, Pest, Phthalocyanine Blue, Poly Acrylic, Polyester Aluminum, Polyester Filament, Plywood, Plastic Card, Plastic Bottle, Power Supply System, Paraffin Liquid, Pe Bag

Quartz Clock, Quartz Lamp, Quilt Pillow, Quartz, Quality Yarn, Quick Connector, Quilt, Quartz Stone, Quilted Bag, Quinine, Quantum, Quinine Sulphate, Quartz Glass Tube, Quartz Tube, Quilted Bed Spread, Quartz Tile, Quick Coupler, Quartzite, Quartz Alarm Clock, Quartz Watch, Quinoline, Quilt Bed, Quinine Hydrochloride, Quilt Cushion Cover

Rugby Ball, Resistor, Rice Container, Ring Bearing, Rice Ash, Reactive Brown, Rammer, Ring Ball, Roll Label, Range, Recycle Paper, Ramie Cotton, Rayon Chenille, Roller Pump, Resin Ornament, Rapeseed Oil, Rigid Sheet, Ricinoleic Acid, Rearview Mirror, Rutile, Raw Plastic, Rubber Dust, Reactive Dye, Rubber Sandals, Rubber Tub

Sodium Alginate, Super Rice, Stainless Steel Spring, Steel Rim, Shirt Jacket, Soap Dispenser, Semiconductor, Silk Fringe, Silver Brass, Shoe Cover, Surgical Laser, Safety Glasses, Sodium Phosphate, Steam Coal, Surgical Gauze, Stone Polish, Slipper Footwear, Sandstone Tile, Shoe Machine, Stripe Fabric, Silicon Wafer, Silk Net, Stainless Steel Kitchenware, Spearmint Oil, Steel Bush

Tape Cassette, Tumbler, Tacho Generator, Tetracycline Hcl, Tennis Table, Terpineol, Travertine Marble, Tops Blouse, Tape, Twill Polyester, Tile Vinyl, Television, Table Pen, Trichloroethylene, Timing Chain, Telephone Switch, Toothpaste, Test Meter, Tube Clamp, Triphala, Tetracycline, Tray Mat, Tonometer, Tubeless Tyre, Twin Tub

Usb Cable, Underwear, Urethane, Usb Keyboard, U Bolt, Ultrasonic Cleaner, Universal Shaft, Universal Joint, Upholstery Fabric, U Tube, Ultrasound Diagnostic, Universal Bracket, Usb Modem, Ubatuba Granite, Umbrella, Uniform, Ups Power Supply, Ups System, Ultramarine, Utensil, Ups Battery, Usb Drive, Uriedo Aniline, U Valve, U Bolts

Valve Ball, Video Equipment, Vertical Pump, Vacuum Container, Video Conferencing System, Vinyl Cloth, Valve Gate, Vitamin, Viscose Shawl, Vat Violet, Vitamin E, Vacuum Valve, Vacuum Glass, Viscose Rayon, Valves Brass Valve, Viscose Fabric, Vinyl Adhesive, Vending Machine, Valve Coil, Video Card, Vulkacit, Valve Intake, Velvet Cushion Cover, Vat Orange, Valve Gasket

Wood Villa, Water Pipe, Wireless Adapter, Woollen Worsted Yarn, Wash Towels, Wooden Grinder, Wood Bead, Wall Light, Wood Photo Frame, Woven Blanket, White Powder, Woven Garment, Wood Home Decor, Wooden Frame Sofa, Woven Polyester, Water Valve, Wood Flooring, Woven Terry, Washer, White Sesame Seed, Wire Nail, Wood Stationery, Wood Pulp, Wooden Bowl, White Rice

X Mas Decoration, Xenon Lamp, X Premium Beer, X Ray Accessories, X Mas Tree, X Ray Camera, X Ray Film, Xlpe Cable, X Ray Machine, Xmas Ornament, X Mas Ornaments, X Ray Tube, Xylene, X Ray Equipment, Xerox, Xerox Copier, X Mas Hanging, Xerox Printer, Xanthan Gum, Xylidine

Yellow Soy, Yellow Stone, Yarn Dyed Shirt, Yarn Dyed Polyester, Yellow Synthetic, Yarn Fabric, Yarn Jute, Yarn And Fabrics, Y Shirt, Yarn Thread, Yarn Filament, Yellow Tea, Yamaha Parts, Yarn Cones, Yarn Dyed Embroidery, Yellow 4, Yellow 3, Yoga Mat, Yam, Yellow Paper, Yellow 12, Yellow Onions, Yarn Wool, Yellow 1, Yarn Dyed Polo Shirt

Zinc, Zirconium, Zircon Oxide, Zipper Lock, Zinc Ash, Zirconium Carbonate, Zip, Zircon, Zip Lock, Zipper, Zari Handicrafts, Zinc Chloride, Zinc Plate, Zinc Stearate, Zinc Sulphate, Zipper Chain, Zipper Bag, Zinc Bar, Zip Fastener, Zinc Alloy, Zirconium Oxide, Zinc Bolts, Zinc Scrap, Zinc Dust, Zipper Puller

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