Importers Exporter Directory and Import Export Data.

Importers Exporter Directory and Import Export Data.

Import and export data, directories, market research, statistics are created from actual shipment data filed from Bills of lading, Shipping Bills, Invoices filed with Customs. Data can be prepared for any export import product with authentic information like Name and address of Exporter and Importers, Prices, quantity, product descriptions, model nos, date of shipment, Bill of Lading nos, container Nos and many other useful information.

Order a report for your products now to instantly identify Importers, Buyers, Exporters, Manufactures, wholesale Suppliers or Vendors of your products. Countries covered are India, USA, Middle East, Europe, UK, China, France, Spain, Latin America more then 100 countries all over the world.

 Genuine and active exporters importers database from India export data, India import data, US Import data and UK import data.

Abrasive Belt, Air Blower, Angular Ball Bearing, Amoxycillin Trihydrate, Auto Filter, Agricultural Sprayer, Air Compressor, Aluminium Foil Paper, Aluminium Hydroxide, Asafoetida, Acid Citric, Automotive Radiator, Ammonium Fluoride, Amalgam, Abs Resin, Anti Oxidant, Aluminium Scrap, Alloy Steel Tube, Aluminium Mould, Adhesive Fabric, Amikacin Sulphate, Address Book, Activated Carbon, Auto Tap, Adhesive Silicon

Bronze Powder, Brown Basmati, Bedspread, Blouse Hanger, Black Jacket, Beads Glass, Brake Lining, Brass Polish, Bearing Shaft, Brass Screw, Black Paper, Brass Bowl, Benzene, Brass Chain, Bicycle Tyre, Brass Marble, Baby Gift, Bed Quilt, Bore, Brass Stainless, Brass Bracelet, Bath Tub, Butyl, Blouson, Bleach

Capital Machine, Compressor, Car Towel, Cotton Shoe, Computerised Embroidery Machine, Computer Ups, Con Rod, Cotton Gloves, Carpet Jute, Coir Rubber Mat, Cable Lock, Car Phone, Concrete, Chiffon Silk, Conica, Cd Re-writer, Calcium, Carbon Powder, Cotter Pin, Cylinder Tube, Christmas Candle, Cotton Cord, Cotton Cloth, Cellulose Powder, Copper

Dining Set, Dust Cover, Deep Groove Ball Bearing, Drum Brake, Dyed Cotton, Di Sodium, Diaphragm Valve, Dental Powder, Dry Cloth, Dispenser, Diesel, Disposable Syringe, Door Closer, Dimmer, Denatonium Benzoate, Dioxide, Dowel Pin, Dining Furniture, Dyed Acrylic Knitwear, Dicyclomine, Diethyl, Display Stand, Deep Freezer, Door Hinge, Dumper

Electric Switch, Egg Powder, Electrical Switches, Electronic Component, Ear Light, Emulsification, Electric Equipment, Erw Steel Tube, Exercise Note Book, Electronic Wire, Electric Heater, Ephedrine, Extruded Aluminium Profiles, Electro Scale, Electrical Connector, Ethanol, Evaporator, Electric Cable, Explosive, Empty Hard Capsule, Ethambutol, Electrolytic Manganese, Epoxy Adhesive, Electric Generator, Electronic Equipment

Fashion Necklace, Filter Car, Fish Frozen, Fish Bag, Foot Cream, Fish Lamp, Flange Nut, Fabri Cotton, Fashion Jacket, Fluconazole, Frozen Salmon, Furfuryl Alcohol, Flute, Flower Container, Flange Bolt, Fiber Cloth, Friction Plate, Fresh Cauliflower, Fuel Oil, Fat Oil, Fibre Waste, Fruit Sugar, Feldspar Lumps, Fish Sauce, Filter Element

Greeting Card, Glass Candle Holder, Gas Springs, Gourd, Granite Block, Gas Detector, Glass Stand, Gift Pen, Glass Tube, Glass Tile, Gear Reducer, Glass Bottle, Green Oxide, Glass Lamp, Glass Rod, Granite Tiles, Gauze Sponge, Garnet, Grey Cotton Yarn, Grommet, Gypsum, Gear Oil, Glass Pen, Ground Nut, Gents Polyester

Hosiery Knitwear, Hawai Chappal, Handicrafts Decorative, Herringbone, Hose Brake, Hang Tag, Heat Exchange, Handmade Woolen Rug, Hose Steel, H Connector, Handcraft Hand, Hex Brass, Hat Gloves, Hair Oil, Hydrogen Peroxide, Hockey Gloves, Hydrogen Gas, Hanging Light, Hockey Stick, Handkerchief, Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Handset, Hydrocortisone Sodium Succinate, Heavy Weight, Horn Bracelet

Iron Hook, Incense Box, Iron Votive, Indian White Rice, India Handicraft, Insulated Wire, Inductor Capacitor, Iron Handicraft, Isopropyl Alcohol, Iridium, Indian Choli, Inlet Valve, Isoniazid, Iron Napkin Ring, Isocynate, Ic Chip, Iron Casting, Isophthalic Acid, Insulating Tape, Injection Mold, Industrial Apron, Ink Jet, Iranian Pistachio, Ignition Cable, Incense Holder

Jewelry Bracelet, Jute Rugs, Jumbo Bag, Jute Fabric, Jack Fruit, Juice, Jogging Suit, Jewellery Necklace, Jute Made Bags, Jump Rope, Jute Durries, Jersey, Jacks, Jacket Zip, Jute Soil Saver, Jacquard Towel, Jute Mat, Jali, Jacquard Hand, Joystick, Jewellery Accessories, Jig, Junction Box, Jack Plug, Jasmin Tea

Kitchen Sponge, Ketoconazole, Keychains, Kitchen Appliances, Kitchen Strainer, Knitting Machine, Key Chain, Kids Pant, Kidney, Knotted Carpet, Knitted Sweater, Kernel Oil, Key Holder, Kitchen Napkin, Ketone, Kurtas, Knitted Garment, Kitchen Steel Sink, Karaoke, Kitchenware, Knitted Clothing, Key Ring, Kitchen Paper, Kitchen Knife, Knitting Yarn

Lithium Cell, Laces, Ladies Capri, Lcd Projector, Lamination Adhesive, Label Sticker, Leak Detector, Label, Ladies Hat, Lecithin, Laser Jet Printer, Leather Belts, Lab Water, Ladies Waist Coat, Losartan Potassium, Liquid Rubber, Lead Wire, Ladies Denim Dress, Laser Toner, Ladies Top, Linen Jacket, Lamp Cap, Lamb Fur, Ladies Panty, Level Transmitter

Molybdenum Wire, Multimedia Projector, Mono Glycol, Ms Pipe, Metering Pump, Mp3 Player, Machine Tool, Marble Slabs, Metal Frame, Metformin Hcl Bp, Mens Brief, Mixer Blender, Magnesium Sulphate, Metallic Fabric, Motorcycle Parts, Medical Paper, Mesh Fabric, Massager, Motor Muffler, Machine Spindle, Metal Cup, Methyl Parathion, Metal Powder, Mirrors, Microcontroller

Night Lamp, Needle, Niger Seed, Nighties, Natural Henna, Net Cable, Needle Machine, Nautical, Nokia Phone, Nickel Cathode, Nylon Tube, Natural Silk, Nylon Socks, Napkin Ring, Nappa Leather, Necklace, Nitrogen, Nylon Thread, Newsprint, Needle Steel, Night Wear, Nintendo, Night Suit, Nylon Filament Yarn, Nicotinic Acid

Oleoresin Paprika, Office Furniture, Optical Brightener, Organza Fabric, Oscilloscope, Organic Acid, Ornament Box, Optical Instrument, Ore Concentrate, Oxygen Analyser, Oil Tank, Oil Press Gauge, Operating Table, Olive Oil, Oxide Magnesium, Organic Grain, Organ Bag, Orange Flavour, Oxygen Cylinder, Oil Refine, Oil Filter, O Rings, Orthopaedic, Organic Synthetic Tanning, Orange Oil

Plastic Hand Bags, Panel Door, Pinion Shaft, Plastic Photo, Polyster Fabric., Perfume Sticks, Pallet Truck, Plastic Powder, Pen Box, Pigment Violet, Plastic Clock, Poultry Feed, Plastic Keychain, Power Wash, Plastic Pallets, Potassium Chloride, Poly Belt, Pvc Coated, Pressure Die Cast, Plugs, Progesterone, Pressure Reducing Valve, Polish Pad, Power Wire, Printed Natural Silk

Quilted Bed Spread, Quartz, Quinine Hydrochloride, Quick Connector, Quartz Lamp, Quartz Clock, Quartz Watch, Quilted Bag, Quality Yarn, Quinoline, Quartz Stone, Quartz Tile, Quantum, Quilt, Quartz Alarm Clock, Quartz Glass Tube, Quick Coupler, Quilt Cushion Cover, Quinine, Quinine Sulphate, Quartzite, Quilt Bed, Quilt Pillow, Quartz Tube

Roller Shaft, Ring Cap, Refine Oil, Rack Power, Ring Spanner, Roller, Rayon Stole, Remote Control, Rubber Part, Rubber Insulator, Rigid Sheet, Rubber Cable, Raw Paper, Room Air Conditioner, Rectifier Diode, Rugby Ball, Ring Bracelet, Raw Silk, Rubber Spring, Rubber Tape, Rubber Belt, Rice, Rough Granite Block, Rain Gauge, Roll Label

Steel Washer, Shawl Silk, Simvastatin, Skin Care, Stencil, Shoe Lining, Steel Spring Wire, Salt Water, Sponge Foam, Solenoid Valve, Shoe Cover, Silk Saree, Steel Ball Bearing, Stainless Steel Fitting, Silk Pareo, Surgical Rubber Gloves, Socket Set, Seamless Gloves, Sodium Sulphite, Screw Plastic, Sauce, Silk Lace, Steel Rim, Solvent Dyes, Spirulina

Trimellitic Anhydride, Textile Carpets, Tinplate, Temperature Controller, Textile Looms, Timer, Tool Bag, Tube Aluminum, Tires Tube, Tile, Terrain Crane, Tukmaria, Thread Rod, Tantalum Capacitors, Thermo Container, Toner, Telephone Cable, Toffee, T Shirt, Twin Tub, Tools Material, Ti Titanium, Travel Cap, Trolley Bag, Tassel

Underwear, Upholstery Fabric, Ufo Lamp, Ups System, Usb Modem, Ups Battery, Utensil Aluminium, Universal Bracket, Urethane, U Valve, Usb Mouse, Usb Reader, U Bolts, U Wire, Uncoated Paper, Ultrasonic Cleaner, Universal Joint, Uriedo Aniline, Usb Keyboard, Ultrasound Diagnostic, Usb Card, Ultramarine, Ultrasonic Machine, Usb Cable, Ultramarine Blue

Vest, Video Dvd, Valve Disc, Valve Pin, Vitamin B, Vannamei Shrimp, Veneer, Valves, Vase Flower, Valve Thermostat, Voltage Regulator, Vat Blue, Valve Seat, Viscose Silk Polyester, V Seal, Valve Tappet, Voltmeter, Vinyl Acetate, Valves Brass Valve, Valve Coil, Vacuum Glass, Vacuum Breaker, Vinyl Floor, Valve Globe, Valve Bonnet

Wall Lighting, Wing Nut, Wheel Cover, Wood Clock, Wall Fan, Wooden Stone, Wooden Ornament, Wood Table, Wood Birch, Wood Wool, White Powder, Wood Sawn, Worm Shaft, White Jute, Wool Blanket, Wool Mufflers, Wood Handle, Wiring Harness, Wooden Rack, Wood Laundry Hamper, Wood Oil, White Bead, Wall Toilet, Weaving Yarn, Waterpump

X Ray Equipment, Xerox Copier, X Mas Hanging, Xylene, X Mas Tree, X Ray Tube, Xerox Printer, Xlpe Cable, X Mas Decoration, X Premium Beer, X Ray Accessories, X Mas Ornaments, X Ray Film, Xmas Ornament, Xerox, Xanthan Gum, Xenon Lamp, X Ray Machine, X Ray Camera, Xylidine

Yarn Towel, Yarn Dye Cotton Fabrics, Yellow Pigments, Yellow Paper, Yarn Wool, Yellow Honey, Yellow Acid, Yellow Lemon, Yarn Dyed Embroidery, Yellow Croaker, Yellow 12, Yunnan Chilli, Y Shirt, Yellow 2, Yarn Dye, Yarn Dyed Polo Shirt, Yellow Maize, Yamaha Parts, Yellow Peas, Yellow Iron Oxide, Yellow Marble, Yellow Synthetic, Yellow Pigment, Yellow Tea, Yarn Jute

Zipper Lock, Zinc Stearate, Zinc Ash, Zip Lock, Zircon Oxide, Zipper Nylon, Zinc Wire, Zinc Bolts, Zirconium Carbonate, Zinc Dust, Zirconium Oxychloride, Zinc Coil, Zari Badges, Zener Diode, Zipper Hoodie, Zinc Oxide, Zipper Chain, Zipper Puller, Zinc Dross, Zinc, Zeolite, Zirconium, Zinc Sulphate Mono, Zinc Sulphate, Zirconium Oxide

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