Importers Exporter Directory and Import Export Data.

Importers Exporter Directory and Import Export Data.

Import and export data, directories, market research, statistics are created from actual shipment data filed from Bills of lading, Shipping Bills, Invoices filed with Customs. Data can be prepared for any export import product with authentic information like Name and address of Exporter and Importers, Prices, quantity, product descriptions, model nos, date of shipment, Bill of Lading nos, container Nos and many other useful information.

Order a report for your products now to instantly identify Importers, Buyers, Exporters, Manufactures, wholesale Suppliers or Vendors of your products. Countries covered are India, USA, Middle East, Europe, UK, China, France, Spain, Latin America more then 100 countries all over the world.

 Genuine and active exporters importers database from India export data, India import data, US Import data and UK import data.

Alcohol, Alnico Magnet, Azithromycin, Adjuster, Arsenic Trioxide, Alphonso Mango, Ajwain, Adhesive Label, Auto Ignition, Audio System, Armchair, Alloy Steel, Artificial Bracelet, Auto Regulator, Angle Valve, Alloy Steel Rods, Accumulator, Ayurvedic Medicine, Automobile Tube, Aromatic Oil, Amorphous Cefuroxime Axetil, Aluminium Powder, Aluminium Oxide, Amine, Acrylic Yarn

Bar Rod, Bamboo Plywood, Bowls, Bindi, Betamethasone Valerate, Brass Bracelet, Boneless Meat, Biotin, Brass Cap, Brass Stainless, Bandsaw Machine, Band Clamp, Brass Builder Hardware, Binder Vinyl, Brass Pillar Holder, Barytes, Boiler Parts, Bedroom, Bird Feeder, Bamboo Veneer, Base Rubber, Bran Oil, Brake, Bra Ladies, Bicycle Tube

Cotton Terry Towel, Chassis Truck, Chair Seat, Coating Powder, Children Pant, Copper Phthalocyanine, Chlorpyriphos Technical, Cast Iron, Cuttle Fish, Childrens Pyjama, Cardiac Catheter, Carbon Rod, Compressor Valve, Cable Connector, Crankshaft, Cotton Lining, Copper Powder, Cyano Ethyl, Cotton Embroidered Fabric, Cd Writer, Candle, Cassette Recorder, Cod Liver, Cold Rolled Grain, Carry Bags

Dried Pasta, Digital Card, Decorative Article, Dried Fruit Nuts, Deep Groove Ball Bearing, Denim Jacket, Diethyl Malonate, Dry Bread, Die Set, Disulphonic Acid, Drum, Deep Fryer, Dried Moss, Data Cable, Display Pan, Dried Peas, Dried Salted Fish, Drill Accessories, Disc Brake Parts, Desk Lamp, Double Bed, Dioxide Titanium, Dinnerware, Disperse Yellow, Diphenylamine

Ethyl Chloride, Epoxide, Eye Screw, Ethyl Esters, Electrode Welding, Electric Tool, Engine Seal, Extruder, Electronic Safe, Empty Glass, Electrical Accessories, Exhaust Pipe, Ethyl Glycol, Electric Machine, Embroidered Dress, Electrode, Exercise Note Book, Exhaust Fan, Epdm Granule, Exercise Mat, Empty Glass Bottle, Educational Toys, Electro Scale, Eye Ointment, Electromagnetic

Frozen Sugar, Filter Valve, Frozen Redfish, Fluconazole, Floor Lamp, Fresh Cauliflower, Fire Fighting, Fastener, Fiber Cable, Flute, Flourescent, Fleece Fabric, Fiber Paper, Ferrosilicon, Flashlight, Ferric Oxide, Flat Pin, Flush Valve, Flow Controller, Flexible Conduit, Fibre Board, Filling Machine, Fresh Frozen Fish, Furniture Wood, Folding Table

Glass Tube, Gas Meter, Gents Wallet, Green Tea, Glass Fiber, Green Paper, Glass Powder, Green Granite, Grinding Mill, Gasket Seal, Gear Wheel, Garment Cotton, Gold Pin, Grommet, Graphic Art Film, Gum Arabic, Gents Cotton Jacket, Gift Item, Gel Cream, Gents Shoe, Gate Valve, Green Coffee, Gents Trouser, Glass Artware, Gas Springs

Hydride, Hologram, Handicraft Planter, Hessian Bag, Hawai Chappal, Herbal Natural, Hanging Light, Handmade Woolen Rug, Hose Reel, Handmade Beads, Hat Gloves, Hydraulic Tool, Hp Laserjet, Hinge Bracket, Heptane, Heat Exchange, Hose Fitting, Hardware Hook, Hydrogen Gas, Hand Cleaner, Hydrocarbon Oil, Hand Book, Hp Cartridge, Heena Powder, Hex Brass

Industrial Belt, Iron Stand, Iron Chair, Ignition Wire, Indian Sesame Seed, Iran Dates, Indian Onions, Inkjet Printer Ink, Incense Box, Iodine, Inductor Capacitor, Iron Lantern, Indian Natural Stone, Iron Rubber, Iron Powder, Instrument, Industrial Rubber, Indian Grapes, Impregnated Paper, Injection Water, Ice Cream, Imitation Jewellery, Industrial Powder, Ibuprofen, Ignition Cable

Jute Twine, Jewelry Bracelet, Jacks, Jute Bale, Jacket Hanger, Jacket Zipper, Jersey, Jumbo Bag, Jute Durries, Jute Mat, Jewellery Costume, Juice Syrup, Jump Rope, Jet Ink Printer, Jute Cloth, Jigsaw, Jasmine, Jute Matting, Jogging Suit, Jute Bags Hdpe, Jacket, Junction Box, Jute Sack, Jewelry, Jute Soil Saver

Key Mobile, Keyboard, Kitchen Sponge, Keychains, Knitted Nightwear, Knitting Needle, Knitted Sweat Shirt, Knitted Yarn, Knit Fabric, Key Lock, King Pin, Kaolin, Kurti, Kitchen Utensil, Kidney, Kraft Paper Sack, Kaftan Dresses, Kurta Pyjama, Keychain, Kraft Paper, Knitting Machine, Kettle, Kitchen Cutlery, Kitchen Towel, Knitted Garment

Linen Cushion, Lychee, Leather Key Chain, Laser Lamp, Level Gauge, Ladies Belt, Lanyard, Leather Buckle, Leather Ladies Shoe, Leather Sleeper, Lab Equipment, Ladies Leather Skirt, Loud Speaker, Lamp Base, Lotion Soap, Liquid Dye, Lamp Bulb, Ladies Rayon, Lijjat Papad, Leather Saddlery, Lcd Computer Monitor, Ladies Hand Bags, Leather Ladies Sandals, Leather Slipper, Lcd Monitor

Marble Blocks, Microcontroller, Meat Carton, Molding Machine, Motherboard, Medical Pvc, Mobile Phone, Motorcycle Clutch, Modifier, Metoprolol Tartrate, Motor Piston, Mercury, Metals Scrap, Machine Pumps, Methionine, Mold Injection, Mace, Mosaic Glass, Metal Chain, Medical Needle, Metal Candle Holder, Mimosa, Moulding Powder, Monitor, Merino Wool

Nylon Skirt, Night Suit, Napkin Ring, Nail, Nylon Thread, Nylon Carpet, Napthalene, Nylon Nut, Nitrogen, Newsprint, Natural Henna, Nylon Bag, Naphthalene Crude, Nightwear, Nonyl Phenol, Ninhydrin, Nylon Sleeve, Nylon Filament, Neoprene, Nickel Wire, Nickel Plate, Nicotinamide BP, Nut Screw, Nylon Cloth, Night Dress

Offset Printing Ink, Organza Fabric, Ortho Anisidine, Oil Fuel Oil, Oil Leather, Organic Synthetic Tanning, Oil Fish, O Ring Seal, Organic Soybean Meal, Ore Iron, Optical Brightner, Oil Heater, Omeprazole Pellets, Organic Solvent, Oxygen Cylinder, Organic Pigment, Oscilloscope, Orange, Olive Oil, Organic Bags, Outboard Motor, Olyester, Oil Pressure Switch, Oil Hose, Oven

Paracetamol Tablets, Pattern Maker, Pressure Plate, Pneumatic Cylinder, Plastic Card, Paper Binder, Paper Stand, Powder Masala, Pvc Cable, Palm Kernel, Pillow Cover, Paracetamol, Plastic Photo, Pinion, Plastic Bucket, Pan Glass, Para Nitro Aniline, Placemat, Pharmaceutical, Paint Steel, Plastic Holder, Plywood, Printed Silk Fabric, Paper, Poly Belt

Quartz, Quartz Lamp, Quick Coupler, Quick Connector, Quartz Glass Tube, Quinine Sulphate, Quartz Alarm Clock, Quality Yarn, Quilt Bed, Quilted Bag, Quilt Pillow, Quinine, Quartz Watch, Quartz Clock, Quilt Cushion Cover, Quartz Tile, Quartz Stone, Quantum, Quartzite, Quilted Bed Spread, Quinoline, Quilt, Quartz Tube, Quinine Hydrochloride

Ring Frame, Resin Craft, Rubber Tyre Tube, Rotameter, Rubber Band, Rubber Eraser, Rubber Conveyor Belt, Red Cotton, Rubber Sheet, Rubber Valves, Rotary Joint, Release Paper, Red Wool, Reactive Blue, Red Stone, Reflective Tape, Red Henna, Roller Rubber, Rugby Ball, Readymade Garment, Rubber Joint, Ribbon, Rainwear, Rubber Bag, Rifampicin

Shawl Woollen, Silk Shawl, Screw Lock, Stand Fan, Sulphanilic Acid, Shirt Jacket, Sambar Powder, Solid Oak, Screw Coupling, Spectrometer, Stainless Utensils, Safety Valve, Sleeve Pin, Silver Handicraft, Sari, Screw Bolt, Steel Bar, Semi Precious Stone, Soy Bean Meal, Silicon Steel, Subwoofer Speaker, Seed Bags, Sponge, Sword, Sand Machines

Totapuri Mango Pulp, Textile Yarn, Thinner, Topiramate, Tissue Culture, Testing Instrument, Turbocharger, Toroidal Core, Table Plate, Tape Cassette, Trisodium Phosphate, Tacho Generator, Table Runner, Taper Roller Bearing, Triethyl, Turbine Spares, Thread Pin, Tray Mat, Tuna Fish, Telephone Switch, Tramadol Hydrochloride, Tartaric Acid, Tension Bar, Thermal Transfer Ribbon, Tukmaria

Ultrasound Diagnostic, Ubatuba Granite, Utensil Aluminium, U Valve, Utensil, U Tube, U Bolt, Usb Cable, Umbrella, Universal Shaft, Ups System, Upholstery Fabric, Universal Bracket, Ultrasonic Cleaner, Uniform, Usb Mouse, Ufo Lamp, Ultrasonic Machine, Ultramarine Blue, Usb Reader, Underwear, Usb Disk, Usb Keyboard, Urethane, U Bolts

Velvet, Vitamin C, Valves Brass Valve, Vcr, Video Card, Vinyl Sulphone Dye, Viscose Staple Fibre, Vacuum Flasks, Vertical Pump, Vase, Video Tape, Vinyl Acetate, Valve Body, Vitamin B, Vat Green 1, Viscose Shawl, Valve Cap, Voltmeter, Valve Disc, Valve Hand, Vat Violet, Vacuum Seal, Valve Pipe, Video Phone, Vinyl Copolymer

Welded Pipe, Wall Calender, White Rice, Wooden Craft Box, Wool Handmade, Waste Basket, Waste Scrap, Wooden Paper, Wooden Furniture, Woven Shawls, Wedge, Wooden Bowl, Wheel Cover, Wrap Skirt, Wood Oil, Wood Rod, Wire Mesh, White Shirt, Women Cap, White Kidney Bean, Wood Umbrella, Wafer, Weight, Wine Bucket, Wood Handle

X Ray Tube, Xlpe Cable, X Mas Ornaments, X Premium Beer, Xerox Copier, X Ray Camera, Xmas Ornament, Xenon Lamp, Xylidine, Xanthan Gum, X Ray Film, X Mas Tree, X Ray Accessories, X Mas Decoration, Xylene, Xerox Printer, X Mas Hanging, X Ray Equipment, X Ray Machine, Xerox

Yarn Thread, Yellow Acid, Yellow Soy, Yellow Corn, Yarn Towel, Yellow Granite, Yellow 1, Yarn Cones, Yellow Paper, Yellow 3, Yellow Onions, Ylang Oil, Yellow Tea, Yellow Cotton, Yarn Fabric, Yarn Jute, Y Shirt, Yellow Pigments, Yarn Chenille, Yunnan Chilli, Yarn Polyster, Yogurt, Yoga Mat, Yellow Marble, Yellow 2

Zip Fastener, Zinc Ash, Zinc, Zipper Puller, Zirconium, Zipper Hoodie, Zari Handicrafts, Zinc Sulphate, Zinc Handle, Zinc Sulphate Mono, Zinc Oxide, Zinc Plate, Zinc Coil, Zinc Chloride, Zipper Nylon, Zinc Wire, Zipper Bag, Zeolite, Zinc Scrap, Zinc Dross, Zinc Stearate, Zipper Fastener, Zircon Oxide, Zipper Chain, Zinc Ingot

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