Importers Exporter Directory and Import Export Data.

Importers Exporter Directory and Import Export Data.

Import and export data, directories, market research, statistics are created from actual shipment data filed from Bills of lading, Shipping Bills, Invoices filed with Customs. Data can be prepared for any export import product with authentic information like Name and address of Exporter and Importers, Prices, quantity, product descriptions, model nos, date of shipment, Bill of Lading nos, container Nos and many other useful information.

Order a report for your products now to instantly identify Importers, Buyers, Exporters, Manufactures, wholesale Suppliers or Vendors of your products. Countries covered are India, USA, Middle East, Europe, UK, China, France, Spain, Latin America more then 100 countries all over the world.

 Genuine and active exporters importers database from India export data, India import data, US Import data and UK import data.

Acid Black, Asbestos Brake Lining, Artificial Jewellery, Automotive Part, Auto Switch, Appliance, Adhesive Resin, Aluminium Chloride, Auto Oil, Amorphous Cefuroxime Axetil, Adidas Shoes, Ammonia, Acrylic Resin, Auto Filter, AC Adapter, Amikacin Sulphate, Auto Pump, Adhesive Fabric, Antimony, Azithromycin, Anthraquinone, Automotive Radiator, Aluminium Artware, Asafoetida, Adhesive Film

Bracelet Glass, Ball Roller Bearing, Black Board, Brass Stay, Baby Oil, Base Paper, Brass Bracelet, Bag Filter, Beaded Handicraft, Brass Figure, Bowl Plate, Bulb, Beaded Tassel, Bird Feeder, Bar Rod, Ball Valves, Bead Brass, Bamboo Veneer, Brass Earring, Ball Rod, Beer, Bead Hand, Bottle Cover, Brass Knob, Brakes

Cotton Pad, Coir Mat, Cast Product, Cotton Shoe, Clove Bud Oil, Copper Grounding Rod, Cassette Player, Cotton Printed Fabric, Control Switch, Clamp, Cotton Yarn Dyed Fabric, Coupling, Calcium Hypochlorite, Carbon Chrome, Crystalline Powder, Cam Lock, Carbon Plate, Castor Oil, Cotton Elasthane, Chain Belt, Cotton Jumper, Cotton Stole, Carnauba Wax, Coconut, Cd Writer

Decorative Article, Deep Fryer, Denim Jacket, Defoamer, Dry Flower, Denim Pant, Din Rubber, Digital Photo, Durum Wheat, Dyed Cotton, Double Bed, Dried Pasta, Dry Grain, Display Card, Dental Powder, Dish Towels, Digital Meter, Dyed Cotton Durries, Dressings Adhesive, Dried Grape, Dell Laptop, Dome Camera, Dextrin, Dyeing, Dried Mango

Eot Crane, Electric Car, Ed Hard, Egg Powder, Epoxide, Electromechanical, Epdm Rubber, Ethyl Alcohol, Ethyl Aniline, Electric Iron, Empty Gelatin Capsules, Ethylene, Ethernet Adapter, Engine Fuel, Ethyl Cellulose, Eye Glass, Engine Accessories, Easter, Electrical Connector, Electronic Wire, Electrical Equipment, Ethernet Card, Engine Part, Ephedrine, Electric Coil

Fluorescent Ballast, Fruit Vegetable, Filter Cloth, Fabri Cotton, Finish Bovine, Freshwater, Flower Container, Foam Adhesive, Furnishing Fabric, Fish, Fresh Garlic, Flip Cap, Fastener Bolt, Fiber Mat, Fabric Roll, Formamide, Frozen Salmon, Flat Belt, Fashion Bracelet, Fennel Powder, Filter, Flocking, Flower Seed, Faucet, Frozen Meat

Glasswool, Garcinia, Gluconate, Girl Glove, Graphite Flake, Gasket Seal, Glass Tube, Georgette Fabric, Gold Pin, Glass Bowl, Granite Tiles, Girls Garment, Gold Bar, Gearmotor, Glass Lamp, Green Coffee, Gas Regulator, Gas Valve, Gear Pump, Grey Cotton Yarn, Geotextile Fabric, Glycerol, Gents Half Sleeve Shirts, Gas Filter, Grape Fruit

Hockey Stick, Head Shower, Hair Band, Handle Lock, Hydraulic Excavator, Handmade Woolen Carpet, Handicrafts Decorative, Hair Dryer, Hydraulic Tube, Hand Oil, Handicraft Planter, Hexamine, Hydraulic Fluid, Hand Purse, Hose Rubber, Hair Brush, Hp Printer, Horn Button, Handloom Cushion Cover, Henna Powder, Handicraft, Hydraulic Lift, Head Comp, Hacksaw Frame, Handmade Woolen Rug

Industrial Jacket, Insulating Paper, Iron Pig, Iron Table, Injection Water, Injection Mold, Iron Handicraft, Ibuprofen, Instrument, Iron Napkin Ring, Indian Natural Stone, Iran Dates, Iron Votive, Inlet Valve, Iridium, Injection Pump, Iron Artware, Intel Cpu, Ignition Transformer, Indian Grapes, Industrial Roller, Iron Press, Incense Holder, Industrial Fasteners, Imitation Jewellery

Jute Twine, Jersey, Jack Plug, Jar Mixer, Jewelry, Jewellery Accessories, Jersey Shirt, Jacks, Jute Durries, Junction Box, James, Jali, Jewelry Box, Jumbo Bag, Jacquard Hand, Jute Rugs, Jute Bags Hdpe, Jute Cloth, Japanese Food, Jelly, Jasmin Tea, Jig, Jacket Hanger, Jewellery Necklace, Juice

Knitted Fabric, Kidney, Kitchen Appliances, Koyo Bearings, Knitted Ladies Garment, Kitchen Article, Knitted Clothing, Kernel Oil, Kraft Paper, Knit Fabric, Kitchenware, Knitted Polyester, Kid Shoe, Keychain, Kitchen Holder, Ketonic Resin, Ketamine, Key Holder, Kurta Pyjama, Knitted Sweat Shirt, Kitchen Towel, Knitted Top, Key Mobile, Kurtas, Kitchen Strainer

Locking Ring, Ladies Dress Wear, Lampholder, Long Kurta, Ladies Bra, Lcd Monitor, Lock Valve, Lamp Holder, Loud Speaker, Lamp Glass, Lamotrigine, Leather Slipper, Laminated Film, Ladies Lining Jacket, Leak Detector, Leather Ladies Shoe, Linen Fabrics, Light Fitting, Laser Printer Parts, Line Pipes, Linen Silk, Laboratory Chemical, Ladies Zip, Leather Passport Holder, Ladies Cotton Shirt

Men Sweater, Molecular Sieve, Motors Electric, Machined Component, Man Oil, Molybdenum Ore, Mixing Bowl, Mica Flake, Methanol, Micron Powder, Magnify Glass, Microwave, Metal Fastner, Metallurgical Coke, Machine Precision, Microcontroller, Methyl Methacrylate, Methane, Metal Bead, Metalware, Mineral Oil, Mixing Amplifier, Metal Frame, Magnetic Roller, Methacrylic Acid

Note Pad, Nitrile Gloves, Nylon Filament Yarn, Nintendo, Nautical, Natural Jute, Naphthalene Crude, Nozzle Holder, Nitro Benzene, Nut Screw, Nuts Washer, Nightwear, Necklace Bracelet, Ninhydrin, Newspaper, Nokia Mobile Phone, Nylon Resin, Needle Bar, Nylon Nut, Nets, Nasal Spray, Natural Stone, Net Mesh, Napkin Ring, Nylon Tape

Organza Fabric, Oil Lubricant, Oil Furnace, Operating Table, Oxygen Cylinder, Ortho Anisidine, Oxide Zinc, Organic Bags, Ophthalmic Lens, Oleoresin Paprika, Oil Grease, Orthopaedic, Oats, Octoic Acid, Oxide, Optical Brightner, Office Stationery, Oleic Acid, Ore Iron, Ornament Beads, Organic Grain, Orange Juice, Olyester, Omeprazol, Oil Press Gauge

Printing Screen, Poly Paper, Project Lamp, Polish Cloth, Phone Holder, Power Controller, Pyrometer, Paper Packaging Material, Printing Book, Paper Decorative, Phosphate, Printer Ink, Propanol, Printing Ink, Pump Assembly, Paper Carrier, Prednisolone, Pressure Hose, Plastic Film, Photo Printer, Poly Film, Pin Bush, Plastic Screw, Pad Plastic, Plywood

Quilt Cushion Cover, Quartz Glass Tube, Quartz, Quinoline, Quality Yarn, Quinine Sulphate, Quartz Stone, Quantum, Quartz Tube, Quilt Pillow, Quartz Tile, Quilt, Quick Coupler, Quilted Bed Spread, Quartz Clock, Quartz Watch, Quartz Alarm Clock, Quartzite, Quartz Lamp, Quick Connector, Quinine Hydrochloride, Quinine, Quilt Bed, Quilted Bag

Roller Pin, Rubber Mat, Roller, Rugs, Rubber Valves, Ribbons, Rubber Tub, Reactive Violet, Relay Socket, Rib, Red Blue, Rosin Gum, Roasted Molybdenum, Riding, Reagent, Rose Black, Ring Bracelet, Rayon Fabric, Rubber Switch, Ruler, Raw Ceramic, Ribbon Cartridge, Rice Bag, Roller Bearing, Rice Flakes

Sulphate Aluminium, Stainless Steel Hardware, Synthetic Rubber, Steel Cookware, Steel Hoop, Silica Fuse, Steam Generator, Street Light, Steel Utensil, Stationary, Skim Powder, Soybean, Silicon Emulsion, Soyabean Oil, Soup, Sodium Ethyl, Stone Statue, Spacers, Silver Powder, Silk Yarn, Stainless Pan, Silk Lace, Styrene, Salbutamol, Sweater Ladies

Transducer, Tin Box, T Shirt, Tool Die, Thickner, Tie Back, Toroidal Core, Twill Fabric, Tension Meter, Teeth, Tube Box, Tape Dispenser, Triethylene Tetramine, Thermal Printer, Tail Lamp, Telescope, Talcum, Taper Bearing, Tape Reel, Test Paper, Tube Aluminum, Toggle Switch, Thermo Container, Tinted Glass, Tennis Balls

Ultrasonic Cleaner, Usb Cable, Umbrella, Usb Disk, Usb Reader, Ultrasonic Machine, U Wire, Uriedo Aniline, Usb Modem, U Tube, Upholstery Fabric, U Bolts, Universal Joint, Uncoated Paper, Ubatuba Granite, Ultrasound Diagnostic, U Valve, Ups Power Supply, Ups Battery, Urethane, Utensil Aluminium, Underwear, Utensil, Ultrasound Scanner, Ultramarine

Vane Hydraulic Pump, Vcd, Vase, Valve Exhaust, Valve Plate, Vannamei Shrimp, Visco Fan, Vibrator, Vanilla, Valve Thermostat, Vacuum Tube, Vitamin A, Van, Velvet Cushion Cover, Vinyl Copolymer, Vcd Lens, Viscose, Vertical Milling Machine, Viscose Silk, Veneer Plywood, Vinyl Cloth, Vat Green 1, Vacuum Pump, Valve Motor, Vulkacit

Women Cap, Water Chiller, Woven Fabric, Wiper Blade, Work Gloves, Woven Cushion, White Kidney Bean, Wood Basin, Woven Terry, Wood Handle, Weaving Polyester, Wood Kitchenware, Waste Acrylic, Wall Lamp, Wash Oil, Wooden Hook, Wooden Frames, Wheel, Wheel Lock, Wooden Musical, Wrap Skirt, Wooden Stool, Welded Pipe, Wooden Figure, Wash Basin

X Premium Beer, X Ray Machine, X Mas Ornaments, X Ray Equipment, Xerox Printer, X Mas Decoration, Xylene, X Mas Hanging, X Ray Tube, Xylidine, Xmas Ornament, Xlpe Cable, X Ray Camera, Xerox, X Ray Accessories, Xerox Copier, X Mas Tree, Xenon Lamp, X Ray Film, Xanthan Gum

Yarn Cones, Yarn Dyed Fabric, Yellow Pine, Yunnan Chilli, Yarn Thread, Yellow Honey, Yellow Pigments, Yellow 2, Yellow Croaker, Yellow 3, Y Shirt, Yellow Pigment, Yellow Maize, Yarn Dyed Polo Shirt, Yarn Jute, Yarn In Cotton, Yellow Jacket, Yarn Dye, Yoga Mat, Yarn Dyed Shirt, Yellow Ink, Yellow Peas, Yellow Corn, Yellow Oxide, Yarn Dyed Polyester

Zinc Ingot, Zinc Sulphate, Zinc Dust, Zinc Handle, Zinc, Zinc Bar, Zipper, Zirconium Oxide, Zinc Powder, Zinc Plate, Zirconium Oxychloride, Zinc Stearate, Zinc Oxide, Zari Badges, Zinc Hook, Zinc Chloride, Zinc Scrap, Zip Lock, Zircon, Zinc Ash, Zip Fastener, Zipper Nylon, Zeolite, Zinc Bolts, Zirconium Carbonate

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